1. "My yaoi senses must have been tingling."

  2. TG: no turning back gonna get sucked down into the deep dark gay abyss 

  3. "He stops feeling like an awkwardly-shaped piece of furniture with too many edges that happened to roll on top of you…""

  4. "You can’t believe you’re getting scolded by a horned fairy who used to be a ghost in a robot, but she has a point."

  5. “Oh. Uh. Yeah, me and Terezi… it’s complicated. My life is a fucking Facebook status. Shit sucks.”

  6. “Sure, if you want to use words that shouldn’t be words.”
    “I insist on using those words.” 

  7. "If Fingertip Makeouts Could Be A Thing"

  8. "The Asshole party has a mandate and a majority, but the Act Like A Human Being For Fuck’s Sake party is fighting for this one, and they gotta win sometimes, or people will think this is some kind of dictatorship."

  9. “One dick piercing, please.”

  10. "Please go away you sexy motherfucker."